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Dev Roundup

– Ein interessantes Interview mit Luca Passani dem Entwickler hinter wurfl, der freien Endgeräte Datenbank:

– Dev Tips zu mobilen Widgets oder generell mobilen Websites von Opara:


– Keep the user interface simple

– Keep the technical solution simple


– Optimize client/server network communication

– Minimize amount of data transferred
– prefer JSON over XML

– Batch requests to the server, use HTTP pipelining

– Let the server return HTTP 304 when data has not been updated on


– Keep your DOM short, simple and shallow

– Store data in Javascript variables and create DOM elements only for
the current view.

– Avoid hiding large number of elements with CSS display: none;
instead remove the elements from the DOM and store data in
Javascript variables


– Avoid reflows. Examples of things that may cause reflows:

– Change of class names

– Change of element dimensions and positions

– Insertions of elements into the DOM; insert completed
document fragments; don’t add element by element


– Follow the steps of user centered design:

– Understand the needs of your users

– Understand the environment where the widget will be used
– device characteristics
– context where the widget will be used, e.g. mobility, light,

– Create scenarios and use-cases

– Wireframes, prototype and test

– Inputing data on mobile devices is generally difficult, let the user
make selections instead of typing

– Desktop services to be presented as mobile widgets must be
redesigned to work

– Use CSS style sheets to adapt the visual presentation of the widget
for devices with different characteristics


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