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20. Dezember 2007

Moblogging Land Japan

Japan war schon immer ein Vorreiterland in Bezug auf neue Trends. Moblogging ist wie herkömmliches Blogging in Japan höchst populär (Japanisch hält den höchsten prozentuellen Anteil bei den Sprachen aller Blogs weltweit). Interessant ist aber laut diesem Artikel, das die Mehrheit der Japaner/innen (rund 2/3) vorwiegend mobiel bloggen:

The Japanese love blogging. In fact, according to the Technorati 2007 „State of the Blogosphere“ report, Japanese is the #1 blogging language in the world, accounting for 37% of all blog entries posted on the Internet. English accounts for only 36% of all blog posts. Compared with the West, Japanese blogs tend to contain less serious discussion and debate. Instead, much more of Japanese blogging is on the fun and frivolous side, with entertainment gossip and cuisine-related sites consistently ranking high in popularity.

It’s also quite probable that Japan leads the world in mobile blogging. According to a recent survey, the mobile phone was found to be the blogging device of choice, being used by over two-thirds of bloggers in Japan. In fact, over a third of the sample stated that they only blog by mobile phone, while another 20% used both mobile phone and PC, while favoring the phone. The levels for favoring using a PC for blogging were lower.

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19. Dezember 2007

Nokia Entertainment Study

Eine interessante Studie von Branchenprimus Nokia, der die mobile Entertainment Welt gründlichst untersucht:

The study carried out by The Future Laboratory, interviewed trend-setting consumers from 17 countries about their digital behaviors and lifestyles signposting emerging entertainment trends. Combining views from industry leading figures with Nokia’s own research from its 900 million consumers around the world, Nokia has constructed a global picture of what it believes entertainment will look like over the next five years.

Die Ergebnisse der Studie sind nach Ländern gestaffelt als kleine Summary zu bestaunen:

10. Dezember 2007

Das psp Phone

psp.thumbnail Das psp Phone

06. Dezember 2007

Opera Mini auf BREW

Opera hat heute bekannt gegeben, dass sie nun auch Opera Mini für die BREW Plattfrom von Qualcomm anbieten.

With Opera Mini, now available on BREW devices, operators and handset manufacturers will be able to leverage Opera Software’s technology to quickly drive feature-rich BREW handsets to the mass market and enable users to access their favorite Web sites from the convenience of their mobile device.

For operators, a turnkey white-labeled Opera Mini solution increases brand loyalty among millions of users worldwide. The leading Indian telecom operator, Tata Teleservices Ltd, was one of the first to realize the advantages of Opera Mini for their BREW handsets.

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04. Dezember 2007

25% des Umsatz mit UGC

Laut einer aktuellen Studie von Nokia soll bis zum Jahre 2012 25% des gesamten Entertainment Umsatzes im mobile Business mit user generated content gemacht werden. Ein paar Details der Studie:

– 23% buy movies in digital format
– 35% buy music on MP3 files
– 25% buy music on mobile devices
– 39% watch TV on the internet
– 23% watch TV on mobile devices
– 46% regularly use IM, 37% on a mobile device
– 29% regularly blog
– 28% regularly access social networking sites
– 22% connect using technologies such as Skype
– 17% take part in Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games
– 17% upload to the internet from a mobile device

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04. Dezember 2007

Whitepaper Mobile Advertising von .mobi

Die dotMobi Advisory Group (MAG) hat kürzlich einen Whitepaper zum Thema Mobile Advertising veröffentlich:

Chapter 1 – Mobile Advertising in a .mobi World
Chapter 2 – Mobile Browser Market Research by M:Metrics
Chapter 3 – The Mobile Advertising Market Opportunity
Chapter 4 – The Mobile Advertising Value-Chain
Chapter 5 – Mobile Advertising Business Models
Chapter 6 – Brand and Mobile Network Operator Opportunities in Mobile Advertising
Chapter 7 – Position Paper Synopsis
Chapter 8 – Call to Action
Chapter 9 – Industry Support
Chapter 10 – dotMobi Advisory Group Community
Chapter 11 – Mobile Advertising Case Study: The Weather Channel Interactive


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