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Howto mobile Web2.0 Apps?

“Beware of naive copying of PC services”, so David Wood seines Zeichens executive vice president of research beiSymbian. Für mobile web2.0 Applikation braucht es laut seine Meinung mehr Aufwand als eine Einfache Transformation der Dienste aufs mobile Endgerät. Die Eigentheiten dieses macht hier ein Customizing unerläßlich um einen weiteren Flopp wie WAP-Dienste zu vermeiden. Teile des Artikels im Wortlaut:

Wood and others said that the inherent constraints of mobile phones and networks mean that many Web 2.0 services won’t work well without some changes to accommodate those limitations. Web 2.0 describes a new generation of Web sites, many that enable user-generated content or combine data from various sources.

He used the example of Google Maps, an application initially designed for the PC. Because the application is built on Ajax, like many other Web 2.0 services, it pushes data out to the client device in order to speed up future user requests. On a mobile phone, that process drains battery life, eats up limited memory and results in potentially very high data-access charges. Google Inc. has introduced a version of the program designed for mobile phones that eliminates some of that overhead, improving the mobile user experience.

One way that Web 2.0 companies can similarly adjust their services for mobile devices is by relying less on browser-based applications and more on small software clients that users can download onto their phones. “The browser will fade into the background,” said Wood.

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