Trends für 2007

Wie jedes JAhr gibt es auf readwriteweb Prognosen von Experten für die laufende Entwicklung im nächsten Jahr. Für das den Themenbereich „mobile“ werden folgende Dinge voraus gesagt:


– VoIP space will really hot up. Skype and a bunch of new competitors will compete and potentially disrupt the telecoms industry.

– Mobile Web may be the big story of 2007 – certainly in China, Korea and Japan; but perhaps even the US and other ‚behind the times‘ places like New Zealand and Australia. Related to this is that online/offline mobile technologies like Smartpox may become more popular in the West (they already are in Asia).

– Mobile will be a bigger development and advertising platform in ’07 (jajah mobile etc).

– Also watch for an emerging Webphone market – for example Apple’s rumored iPhone and a GooglePhone.

Courtesy of mobile Web expert Rudy De Waele, here are 10 specific trends for mobile Web in ’07:

1. Flat fees will become more affordable bit by bit.
2. Thus, more user-generated content will become available to the phone; opening the way for mobile users to start using new web/mobile 2.0 services on their phones, such as podcasting, RSS feeds, more user-generated content to upload and use.
3. Big Media Youth Networks going mobile – MySpace, YouTube, MTV and many more players will resolutely go mobile; allowing users to upload pictures, videos and create/consume content straight from their mobile phones. And to share with friends (including mobile forwarding functionality).
4. Mobile search – the big players will start positioning seriously in the mobile market (watch out for deals with carriers/operators and device manufacturers)
5. Mobile ads – the market is growing at a rapid pace (just watch AdMob’s ad views ticker box daily)
6. QR codes will start to enter retail markets.
7. Mobile image recognition will pop up in mixed marketing campaigns.
8. Cell Phone memory card swapping – to exchange music/video files.
9. Multiple network download hotspots become available in urban zones – enabling ‚on the spot‘ mobile download and internet access possibilities via wi-fi/wimax/bluetooth/nfc/etc…. (all build in or available immediately)
10. Rise of ’smart client‘ solutions, for convergence of content and application functionality on mobile devices in general.

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