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MoSoSo und UGC Report

visiongain haben einen Report verfasst, der sich der aktuellen Entwicklung von MoSoSo und mobilen user generated content widmet und wie man als Service Dienstleister diese Dienste erfolgreich anbietet. Für MMA Mitglieder ist der Report hier mit einer 10% Vergünstigung zu beziehen.

Mobile Social Networking & User Generated Content Report

Mobile operators are keen to replicate the growth of communities and user-generated content seen on the fixed line internet because they provide compelling content to subscribers, and drive data usage. However, there are significant issues surrounding the successful transference of such services from fixed line to mobile. The relatively poor user experience of mobile web in comparison to fixed line threatens to hamper the growth of social networking and user generated content on mobile. The perceived high cost of data services amongst subscribers and operators’ walled garden approach to internet access are also problems facing the uptake of such services. Furthermore, attracting users of fixed line services to use mobile versions will not be easy, requiring much more than simply creating an operator branded version of MySpace. So how can operators overcome these challenges and generate revenue from these services?

This 100+ page report analyses the prospects of mobile communities and user generated content services. It analyses operator approaches to these mobile services, discusses how operators can generate revenue from communities and user generated content and studies the role operators should play in the value chain. In addition, we provide profiles of the leading content vendors in the community and user generated content industry and analyse their offerings for mobile. The report provides forecasts for revenue generation from these services and describes the key drivers to successful future of these services. By buying this report, you to can understand the importance of mobile social communities and user generated content.

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