Event: UGC and MoSoNe Forum

User generated content reflects the expansion of media production through new technologies that are accessible and affordable to the general public. The advent of user generated content marks a shift among media organisations from creating on-line content to creating the facilities and framework for non-media professionals to publish their own content in prominent places. All telecoms carriers are looking to take advantage of user generated mobile content as it doesn’t cost the carrier anything to create, and gives the customer something to send over the pipes other than low-margin voice services.

The marcus evans Mobile User Generated Content & Social Networking Forum 2007 will discuss and present case studies exploring how this new service can be developed and positioned by mobile operators and how user generated content could be the catalyst for customer uptake of new services over operators advanced mobile networks. It will also explore the challenges that operators face in ensuring appropriate content for all ages and to ensure that younger users are protected. Operators want to ensure that users benefit from a great experience so need to focus on quality to ensure successful business models for their user generated content strategies; this will be a key theme at this conference.

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