Mobile 2.0 Europe Rückblick

Leider konnte ich wegen aktuellem Projektstress nicht an der Mobile 2.0 Europe teilnehmen, aber hier ein paar Eindrück davon:

Some notes from the Mobile 2.0 conference (Nokia Conversations)

Europe’s Mobile startups come together (TechCrunch)

Mobile 2.0 Europe: exploring the future of mobile (The Next Web)

Mobile 2.0: Rummble, Zipiko and Dial2Do shine, but venture capitalists express caution (VentureBeat)

Mobile Europe 2.0: Recreational Mobile Search, Intention Broadcasting & Much More; The Future Is Here, But Will MVNOs Like Blyk Drive It? (mSearchGroove)

mobile 2.0 – VC panel summary (Tony Fish)

Mobile 2.0 – The Conversation in the Wireless Industry Becomes A Shouting Match (Max Niederhofer)

(Dan’s Blog)
Open Business Models at Mobile 2.0 Europe
Early Stage Startups at Mobile 2.0 Europe
Mobile 2.0 Europe Kicks Off

Mobile 2.0: following up on the operator perspective (blog cpinto)

Zipipop wins at Mobile 2.0 Europe (Arctic Startup)

The Electric Knife Syndrome (Charlie Schick)

Shout’Em after Mobile 2.0 Europe (Five Minutes)

Recap: Mobile 2.0 Europe (Cultureslurp)

Rummble: A Unique Play On A Location-Based Mobile Search Engine (GPS Obsessed)

[tce] mobile 2.0 europe takedown (Vitor Domingos)

Live from Mobile 2.0 in Barcelona (Federic Dummeny)

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