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Event: Nokia Developer Summit 2009

nokia developer summit 2009 home 1239301650104 Event: Nokia Developer Summit 2009

Die Nokia Developer Summit ist eine Konferenz speziell für Entwickler mobiler Technologien – insbesondere Nokia Technologien. Highlight wird dieses Jahr die Bekanntgabe des Gewinners des N97 Widget Wettbewerbes sein. Die Sessions sind dem Thema angepasst eher technisch gehalten:

Day 1 Sessions:

Business Stream: Ready, Set, Sell!
This stream will introduce exciting go-to-market opportunities that Nokia provides to developers around the world. Distribution opportunities through the new Ovi Store, regional operators, and on-device pre-loads will be examined in detail.

Technical Stream: Mobilising the Internet
In this stream, developers will learn how to mobilise internet content. These methods range from optimising a web site for the best browsing experience, designing powerful Web Runtime widgets, and creating rich Flash Lite applications.

Day 2 Sessions:

Business Stream: It’s All About Services
Learn how to partner with Nokia and benefit from Nokia services. Explore the wide range of partnership and integration opportunities with Nokia Services, such as Nokia Maps, Share on Ovi, Nokia Messaging, and N-Gage. Opportunities for funding through Nokia’s VC arm, Nokia Growth Partners, will also be explained.

Technical Stream: Cross Platform Development
Participants in this stream will get the latest information about Nokia’s runtime technologies for developing killer applications that work across Nokia’s device platforms, specifically S60 and maemo. There is something for everyone – from sessions about maemo to Nokia’s newest asset, Qt Software.


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