Alpha von Cyanogenmod 9 fürs HP Touchpad veröffentlicht

Lang hat es ja nicht gedauert bis zu einer ersten öffentlichen Version von Cyanogenmod 9 für das HP Touchpad. Heute ist die Alpha Version 0 erschienen. 0 deshalb weil sie noch recht fehlerhaft ist und noch mit Sicherheit verbesserte Version hachgereicht werden. Für die Installation muss eine neue Version des ACMEInstaller Installers und das Cyanogenmod 9 selbst auf dem Touchpad vorbereitet werden.

Achtung: Viele Features funktionieren noch nicht in dieser Version:

* Hardware Video (OMX). As a result, Netflix does not work, YouTube works only only in non-HD videos.
* Audio is a mess. The microphone does not work. Work on the current libaudio solution has halted because we will eventually switch to a CAF libaudio.
* Camera does not work. The only libcamera.so that we have is from froyo and its closed source. There is a wrapper for QCOM gingerbread libcamera libraries that could likely be used as a basis to get our camera working.
* Market filters prevent some apps from being installed (this can partly solved by switching back to standard DPI settings(120, 160, 240). The current build is using 160 which fixes the market but makes everything look ugly and low resolution.
* Titanium Backup crashes the kernel. There’s an investigation in progress…There are reports that older versions do work.
* Most of the hardware problems from CM7 still exist in this CM9 alpha build.
* Gapps intended for CM7/Gingerbread will not work in CM9/ICS. If you choose to install GAPPS then you’ll need to get an updated compilation
* USB file transfers use MTP or PTP in Ice Cream Sandwich and Honeycomb. Traditional storage mounting is not supported in the Touchpad build.

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