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Wissenschaftliche Arbeit zu mobile Ajax

Eine sehr interessante Momentaufnahme zu Ajax auf mobilen Endgeräten hat M. Pervilä in seiner Thesis erfasst. Er hat die Performance von 8 bestehenden Ajax Libarays untersucht und sehr interessante Ergebnisse ermittelt.

The Ajax approach has outgrown its origin as shorthand for „Asynchronous JavaScript + XML“. Three years after its naming, Ajax has become widely adopted by web applications. Therefore, there exists a growing interest in using those applications with mobile devices.

This thesis evaluates the presentational capability and measures the performance of five mobile browsers on the Apple iPhone and Nokia models N95 and N800. Performance is benchmarked through user-experienced response times as measured with a stopwatch. 12 Ajax toolkit examples and 8 production-quality applications are targeted, all except one in their real environments. In total, over 1750 observations are analyzed and included in the appendix. Communication delays are not considered; the network connection type is WLAN.

Results indicate that the initial loading time of an Ajax application can often exceed 20 seconds. Content reordering may be used to partially overcome this limitation. Proper testing is the key for success: the selected browsers are capable of presenting Ajax applications if their differing implementations are overcome, perhaps using a suitable toolkit.

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