Event: Mobile 2.0 Europe

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Mobile 2.0 Europe – Beyond Free!
Date: June 18-19, 2009
Location: Barcelona
Day 1: Developers Day
Day 2: Mobile 2.0 Europe conference

Marko Ahtisaari – CEO of Dopplr.
Andrew Berglund – Global Interactive Creative Director at Cheil Communications.
Xavier Carrillo Costa – CEO / Founder Digital Legends Entertainment.
Regine Debatty – we-make-money-not-art.com.
Dr. Lai Kok Fung – Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder BuzzCity.
Inma Martinez – Digital Media Strategist and Investment Advisor at Stradbroke.
Prya PrakashIcon Mobile as Head of Strategic Design.
Prof. Atau Tanaka – Chair of Digital Media, Acting Director of Culture Lab.


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