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Mobile Social Networking Research

Analyse zu mobile social Networking


Mobile social Networking ist ja vielen Experten zufolge ein großer Trend in diesem Jahr und eine neue Goldgrube in den darauf folgenden. Der neue Report vom Analysten Informa Telecoms & Media bringt zu diesem Thema aktuelle Einschätzungen und blickt in eine rosige Zunkunft.

Topics covered include:

  • Mobile Social Networking industry segmentations
  • The Mobile Social Networking value chains
  • Enabling technologies on networks and mobile devices
  • Mobile social community participant profiles and behaviors, today and tomorrow
  • Existing, emerging and anticipated business models and revenue streams
  • Most likely success strategies for existing and new players in the industry

Key questions answered by this report

  • Is mobile social networking an extension of existing services or disruptive innovation?
  • What are the key application segments for Mobile Social Networking?
  • To whom is the mobile social networking phenomenon most relevant, how and for how long?
  • Who is best placed to profit from mobile social networking?
  • What is the role of rich media in the future of mobile social communities?
  • What are the existing business models and what new models will emerge?
  • What are the drivers and obstacles to mobile social networking growth?
  • What is the size of the Mobile Social Networking market? Number of users, numbers of community registrations and key applications?

Global coverage

  • Case studies provide in-depth analyses of mobile social networking players’ strengths and weaknesses set in the context of their region
  • Forecasts of users and revenues for 2007-2012

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